We manage and evaluate industrial waste

Waste management is an essential activity for those companies that generate waste in their production processes and auxiliary activities. In the environmental situation in which we find ourselves today, it is essential to give a second life to these industrial wastes. In this way, not only will you help to solve an environmental problem, but you will also improve your profit and loss account thanks to the recovery of waste.

Once we are hired for waste management in a company, we take care of transport to our oleochemical plant in Los Arcos. Here we begin the treatment and processing of waste that includes its recovery:

We comply with all the required environmental regulations that guarantee the traceability of the raw materials that we manage and value, as well as the safety of our plant and its operators.

We guarantee the traceability of waste

This is a list of every waste that we can manage and recover at Solartia:

Used oil (UCO)
Animal fats category 1
Animal fats category 2
Animal fats category 3
Fatty acids UCO
Fatty acids Crude glycerin
Rapeseed fatty acids
Sunflower fatty acids
Soya bean fatty acids
Olive fatty acids
Grape fatty acids
Palm kernel fatty acids

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