Trading of Raw Materials

We trade raw materials and waste internationally

We operate as an International Agent importing raw materials and waste that can be valued by ourselves or by third parties. We are one of the main Spanish managers of used oil, animal fat (cat. 1, 2, 3) and fatty acids used in the manufacture of biodiesel. In addition, we have great economic solvency for the purchase of large consignments of raw materials and waste.

The raw materials we sell are certified by ISCC and Sistema Nazionale di Certificazione (SNC) standards

Solartia guarantees the quality of the final product. In addition to being certified by ISCC and SNC standards, all the raw materials we sell for the manufacture of biodiesel are analyzed by the laboratory of our oleochemical plant in Los Arcos.

These are the raw materials we commercialize:

Free Fatty Acids

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Soapstock Acid Oil

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Crude Glycerine

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Bioheating Oil

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