Electricity from fossil fuels aggravates the climate emergency

The growing and continuous emissions of greenhouse gases are leading to an alarming increase in global temperature. One of the causes of these emissions are the energies that are obtained from the burning fossil fuels in order to produce energy generates an enormous amount of carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere.

Climate change is a problem that can only be solved if we all work together. Getting to meet the energy demand of a country with this type of energy produces greater pollution and higher energy generation costs. Health and family economies all over the world are being affected on a daily basis due to the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity, hindering sustainable development and holding back global economies from tapping into their potential.

Solar photovoltaic systems to generate electricity with clean, sustainable,
and economical technologies

Meeting the energy demand of a country with solar energy provides clean and sustainable electricity. In addition, it helps meeting environmental standards that call for the reduction of emissions framed within the 2030 sustainability goals.

Solar power plants can be grid-connected or off-grid, for utility applications or self-consumption, being able to integrate an energy storage system that allows to distribute energy according to the needs of the local network in order to improve the quality and cost of the electricity supply.

These solutions are governed by a control system that manages generation independently, contributing to a continuous energy supply and guaranteeing no interruptions at any level of demand. Therefore, there are no interruptions in the supply and the cost of energy and energy sources is optimized, constituting solar power plants as an ideal solution to mitigate energy deficiencies in any region or facility.

End-use of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

We firmly believe solar PV energy should be used to solve every-day problems, solar PV systems can be used for:

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