We help you with the financial engineering for your project

Our financial team brings you closer to funding sources for your EPC or PPA contract. Once the project is in ready-to-build (RTB) status, Solartia’s project finance team analyzes all of the financial avenues available and advises how to move forward. Negotiations can take several months so we normally close funding, whether it comes from Solartia or other entities, just before the EPC begins, when it is ensured the project is legally sound and has all the appropriate licenses.

By contracting the services of our financing team we offer the following:

  • Ample array of options: we work along a wide range of prestigious investment funds and other financial institutions with funds readily available
  • Risk management to ensure financial aid
  • Zero initial investment
  • Disbursements are linked to EPC milestones such as procurement, start of construction works, commissioning or operational acceptancy